Who We Are

We are CyPhy Works. CyPhy (pronounced Sci-Fi) is an amalgam of cyber and physical. Works means our products work for you, get work done, and simply work better. In short, we make cyber physical systems that solve problems that don’t yet have solutions.

While we love technology, our work begins and ends with people. That understanding is the reason CyPhy exists: to build a team whose sole focus is creating aerial robots that empower people to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Why we exist

Our Technology at a Glance

Meet our Robots

CyPhy Works PARC robot.


Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications

CyPhy Works EAPF robot.


Extreme Access PocketFlyer

Research Driven

CyPhy Works research starts with humans — we search out places and people where empowering technology is needed. We then scour the market landscape and literature to see what, if any, unutilized research can get us closer to helping those people in need. And if the research isn’t there, we do our own. Once we fully understand the opportunity and how to best address it, we get to work creating transformational technologies.

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Essential devices

We’re a product company, but our products are accessible, reliable, and practical robots designed to help real world problems. We don’t design general-purpose robots, hoping that some day they’ll have a use. Our robots are specific and purpose-built, targeting problems that can only be solved by ingenious robotic design.

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Transformative tech

Revolutionary products require transformational technology. That’s a heavy sentence, but we stand by it. Our goal isn’t to just push the envelope; it’s to redefine it. Simpler is always better, but sometimes getting to a simpler path requires complex, lateral thinking. Luckily, we do the hard work for you. CyPhy Works delivers technology that is a quantum leap from the status quo. Our technology transforms lives.

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Our Partners