Why we exist

The name CyPhy Works comes from this – CyPhy (pronounced: Sci-Fi) is a contraction of Cyber and Physical. And Works is intended to incorporate all of its possible meanings. We want to make cyber physical systems that work for and empower people.

We are technology lovers at heart, but we know that it all begins and ends with people, and that is the basis of our company and the foundations of our mission statement:

  • Our community inspires
  • Our team creates
  • Our robots empower
Why we exist

Driven by research

CyPhy Works research starts with people - we look to the places where people need empowering technology to reach beyond what they currently can. We then turn our attention to scouring the market landscape and literature to see what, if any, unutilized research can be leveraged to enable the people in need. Once we fully understand what people need, and what people have done to address that need, we focus our attention in our labs where our people develop transformational technologies that make it possible for people in need to achieve their goals more efficiently and more effectively than the status quo would allow.

Essential devices

CyPhy Works is a product company. We believe that the very best way to empower people with robotic technologies, is to make them accessible, reliable, and practical. Our products and technologies are essential to enabling people because they are very specific by design. We target problems that can be effectively solved by practical, purpose built robots. Whether the specific mission is to cooperate with a person on a task, or to autonomously do a task, enabling people to focus on more important things, the products we build serve people effectively, by design.

Transformative tech

Revolutionary products require transformational technology. At CyPhy Works, we don't just push the envelope, we redefine it. We believe that the simplest way is always the best way, but it is almost always true that innovation and traversal of complex intermediate solutions are the path to simplicity; we make that journey so that you don't have to. We also believe in cheating wherever possible, when it comes to technology. All of these seemingly disparate ideals are unified in this way - CyPhy Works delivers technology to people that represents a quantum leap from the status quo. In some cases that might mean that people get an easier, faster, or better solution to a problem that currently has a mediocre solution. In other cases it might mean that we are solving a problem that people didn't even know they had. But in all cases, the effects on people's lives will be transformational.