Who We Are

We are CyPhy Works. CyPhy (pronounced Sci-Fi) is an amalgam of cyber and physical. Works means our products work for you, get work done, and simply work better. In short, we make cyber physical systems that solve problems that don’t yet have solutions.

While we love technology, our work begins and ends with people. That understanding is the reason CyPhy exists: to build a team whose sole focus is creating aerial robots that empower people to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Why we exist

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Guidelines and Contact

The CyPhy Works logo can adapt to nearly any application. The preferred variation is two-color on a white background. It should be used in all screen and print mediums unless illegible due to surrounding design elements.

The reversed variation should be used in case the logo is displayed on imagery and/or colored backgrounds. It is important to ensure that background images are dark enough to support legibility. For other questions or general media inquiries: media@cyphyworks.com

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