Coverage of UPS & CyPhy Delivery Demo

CyPhy Works Names New CEO and Unveils New Board Chair

CyPhy Works, Inc. today announces that Lance Vanden Brook has been named chief executive officer (CEO).  Lance will partner with CyPhy Works founder Helen Greiner, who will assume the role of chief technical officer (CTO).  The company also announced that former president and chief operating officer (COO) of Kiva Systems, Amy Villeneuve, will assume the role of chairman of the CyPhy Works Board, effective immediately.

Medium - How a Drone Helped the Tokyo Police Ensure All Runners Safely Reach the Finish Line @ the Tokyo Marathon

Last night, I watched a live stream of the finish line from the 2016 Tokyo Marathon. I didn’t know a single runner, had never closely followed this event and sadly have never personally completed a marathon. I watched because it was the first time a drone would be streaming video of the finish line as part of an enhanced high-tech security effort from the Tokyo Police.