BZNotes - Amazon PrimeAir – Flying robots are real and will change our lives.

Bilal Zuberi of Lux Capital wrote a poignant post about using UAVs to deliver packages and perform other tasks. In his post Zuberi highlights CyPhy Works’ forethought in the area of delivery UAVs. Sunday night on 60 Minutes, CEO Jeff Bezos made an announcement that shed light on something we at CyPhy Works have been thinking about since we started the company. We have been toiling in our labs, working on the technology needed to make deliveries (and other things) feasible in the real world but Bezos’ announcement highlights that there is pent up demand for UAVs that perform these kinds of services.

Earlier this summer Helen Greiner, founder and CEO of Lux Capital portfolio company CyPhy Works, gave a TEDxBoston talk on the future of robots. Specifically she talked about unmanned aircraft, or drones. You can watch her talk here, and if you forward to time stamp 8:06, you can hear her talk about flying robots delivering parcels to your home in less than 15 minutes after you order them online.

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