Pocket Flyer


The Pocket Flyer boasts large technology in a small package. Not only can it go anywhere, longer and farther than other drones, the Pocket Flyer is still small enough to fit in a cargo pocket. That’s powerful innovation.


The Pocket Flyer* is a small, portable, easy-to-use flying robot powered via a microfilament tether. The microfilament provides unlimited flight duration, unbroken video and reliable command and control for non-line-of-sight flying.

Pilots are welcome but not required. While the Pocket Flyer can navigate itself, piloting it manually simply requires a tablet or smart phone. Users can guide the Pocket Flyer wherever they desire with intuitive, easy-to-learn touch commands.

With a flight time in excess of 2 hours — extendable via hot-swappable batteries, generator, or grid power — the Pocket Flyer is made for GPS-denied, Radio-Frequency (RF) denied operating environments. It works great everywhere else too.

Each Pocket Flyer vehicle comes completely assembled. Just plug it in and fly. To give you a feel for the size, the entire system fits into a cargo pants pocket. So to say it’s easy to make space for is an understatement.

The Pocket Flyer’s vehicle-mounted spooler eliminates tangling and tension in the Microfilament Tether. This drone’s capabilities include: automatic launch, tele-operation through culverts and tunnels, hovering over areas of interest, perch and stare, and automatic landing. On top of all those features is a constant stream of valuable, quality reconnaissance data transmitted right back to you.

And don’t let its size deceive you; the Pocket Flyer is a durable, multi-purpose vehicle, with inexpensive, replaceable, disposable microfilament cartridges. Basically, it’s everything you need in a smaller package.

*US Patent Nos. 7,510,142; 7,631,834.

Key Benefits

Small Flying Vehicle
Able to fly through doors and windows, and down corridors

Secure Communications
Direct connection with controller can't be intercepted, jammed or spoofed.

Onboard Video
High quality, full frame rate, unbroken video

Fly to Altitude
Get a bird's eye view

1,000 Feet Range
maintain a safe standoff distance


Operating Range: 250 ft

Vehicle Weight: 80 grams

Case Size: Fits into cargo pants pocket

Mission Duration Per Battery: 2 hours of flight time, Several days in perch mode

OCU: Tablet or Smart Phone