Who We Are

We are CyPhy Works. CyPhy (pronounced Sci-Fi) is an amalgam of cyber and physical. Works means our products work for you, get work done, and simply work better. In short, we make cyber physical systems that solve problems that don’t yet have solutions.

While we love technology, our work begins and ends with people. That understanding is the reason CyPhy exists: to build a team whose sole focus is creating aerial robots that empower people to tackle the problems of tomorrow.

Why we exist



The Extreme Access System for Entry (EASE) is a small hovering robot designed for inspection and ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) applications. EASE is intended for operating in close quarters, beyond line of sight, and in GPS denied areas; all of which are critical when performing search and rescue missions, building clearing, or civil infrastructure inspection.

The EASE system consists of a lightweight ground control station (GCS) and a micro Vertical Takeoff and Land (VTOL) air vehicle. It is not dependent on a GPS signal for operation, making it not only effective as a micro UAS in the traditional sense, but also enables it to fly indoors and in confined spaces as effectively as it does in open spaces. It has unmatched endurance due to our patented microfilament technology that enables the use of hot-swappable batteries, which power the entire system from the base station. The fishing-line thin microfilament provides directly connected communication between the GCS and the air vehicle, as well as power. Unlike all other RF controlled UASs, the microfilament makes the EASE impervious to jamming while the microfilament is unaffected by water, power lines, etc. Additionally, because the EASE vehicle is directly connected to its GCS, its communications cannot be intercepted, spoofed, or otherwise compromised from a data security perspective.

The microfilament is spooled out from the air vehicle. Spooling out from the air vehicle means that the air vehicle’s movement is never restricted by the microfilament and it eliminates the possibility of snagging, binding, or otherwise tangling. Microfilament strength is not a concern because spooling from the air vehicle means the microfilament is never in tension. Uniquely, the microfilament enables the use of sensors that are far superior to what other micro UASs are able to carry as a payload. In conjunction with this, the microfilament enables high quality, full frame rate, unbroken, High Definition video that no other small or micro UAS can match.

The system is interoperable with existing unmanned systems, sensors, and battle command network.

Key Benefits

Extreme endurance
Fly for hours by hot-swapping batteries at the base station
Small flying vehicle
Able to fly through doors and windows
Secure communications
Direct connection with GCS can't be intercepted, jammed, or spoofed
High Definition Video
High quality, full frame rate, unbroken, hi def video
Night Vision
Optional thermal camera available
300 feet Altitude
Get a bird's eye view
1000 feet Range
Maintain a safe standoff distance
Flexible Power Input
Connect to battery, generator, grid, vehicle, etc.
Autonomous Operation
Launch, hover, and land automatically
Compact system
Entire system fits into standard backpack
Computational Power
Vehicle has real-time access to GCS computer
Onboard Spooler
Spooling from vehicle enables total vehicle mobility


  • 12" (D) x 16" (H)
  • 400W (Max), 350W (Nominal)
  • 50 minutes / battery (batteries hot-swappable)
  • 1000ft
  • 300ft (max) AGL, 7000ft (max) Density Altitude
  • 720p, 30fps
  • (1) Front looking, color, HD; (1) Down looking, color, HD; (1) Front looking, Thermal (optional)

CyPhy Works' EASE UAV test at Ft. Benning, GA.