In the News

Media reaction to./coverage of new US regulations governing commercial drones (some highlights: some night flight, line of sight only, no overflight of people, below 400 ft, drone+payload or package <55lbs, not from moving vehicles, pilots' certificate required, no airworthiness certifications needed for now):

And video editorial on the rules from the Wall Street Journal:

European efforts to evolve drone regulations stall (behind paywall):

Japanese agricultural drone delivers targeted pest control:

Airobotics bets financial backing for commercial/heavy industrial drones ($28.5M):

Drone landing platform/nest includes robotic arm for battery swap:

Ljungberg Lab, Sweden tests thermal camera-equipped drones for fire spotting, mapping and control:

DroneSheld (Australia/Virginia) attracts more investment in its drone detection/interdiction system:

Drone delivery, small scale - coffee fix for boaters in Oregon:

Robots, not drones:  Actually, both historical and new. Mechanical automata, hand made by contemporary artist:

Drones in the arctic - commercial use for oil and gas, real estate, inspection in a hostile environment:

US Army and. drone swarms:  Coverage of DARPA's Gremlins program (groups of cooperative, aircraft-deployed drones):

Finalists in Mitre's counter-drone competition announced. Includes DroneTraker, Lockheed Martin's Icarus, KNOX from My Defence, Open Works' Skywall, and others.  But not Mitre-counterpart, Battelle.

Military Drones:  Drone controls inside a Belgain built tank/armored vehicle, flies drone above vehicle for additional scouting/situational awareness.

Drone Tech Department:  Wankel engine rides again?  Possible use for light-weight engine in gas-powered drones, ground robots:

Drones Behaving Badly Department:  Interference with firefighting planes and manned copters fighting fires in Utah.  Again.

Drones Behaving Badly Department:  And another near-encounter at a Canadian airport:

Drones Behaving Badly Department: Harassing falcons in South Bend, Indiana:

Drones Behaving Badly Department:  Drone overflight sparks threat perception and security response at UK movie premiere:

Drone Footage Department:  Flight through a neo-Byzantine church in France (1800s):

Drone Footage Department:  Exploring an abandoned hospital in New Orleans: