In the News

Amazon files patent on using lamp posts, cell towers, and architectural features as places to put drone landing/recharge spots:

Incoming Hezbollah drone evades highly lauded Israeli drone defense system, causes consternation:

Crashed drone found near restricted airspace in Ottawa:

Drones for aircraft inspection reduce Airbus 2 hour inspections to 10 minutes:

SOCOM moving from Android to Apple as its tablet/smartphone of choice:

Google's Dave Vos, Project Wing's leader, opines about FAA's new drone regulations:

Turnabout is fair play department: Drone used to detect/combat drug smuggling into prisons:

TSA to assume responsibility for clearing commercial UAS pilots:

More editorials/summaries of the FAA rule changes:

Land mine detection/mapping/clearance drone:

More drone racing hype du jour:

Seagulls vs. drone (reportedly no one heard the screeches of "Mine! Mine!")

Early research dept: Battery using a quinone/ferrocyanide mix instead of electrolyes, initial explorations at Harvard:

Drone delivery of BBQ sandwiches in Dallas:

Software for coordinating the flight of multiple drones for light shows:

And direct brain control of multiple drones using an EEG skull cap:

Drone Footage Department: More coverage of recent Dronestagram drone photography contest winners:

The natural collision avoidance system of hummingbirds. The feathered kind:

Small camera drone crash lands in Gambia, sparks general panic:

Drone use in Ghana is now illegal, and can result in 5-30 years in jail:

Utah drone restrictions now signed into law:

Drones Behaving Badly: US consulate in South Africa was overflown by illicit drone, local authorities are investigating it and the pilot is in custody:

More Drones Behaving Badly: Interference with firefighting in California:

And Even More Drones Behaving Badly: Injuries and property damage after fire, the firefighting plane couldn't get close due to a drone: